Dady Long Legs Magic Mushrooms

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The daddy long legs magic mushrooms have long stems and small caps. They look skinny and are a British Columbia popular strain. Daddy long leg shrooms are from the psilocybe cubensis genes.


The daddy long legs are very classical shrooms with a consistent high. If the psychedelic protocols are honored, they provide a balance of spiritual elevation and euphoria. Their effects and experience are very much like Golden Teachers.

Psychedelics Harm Reduction Recommendations

We strongly recommend beginners 0.5g to a gram and experts 1g to 5g depending on your experience on shrooms, Dosage Guidelines, or other valid references not to get overdosed and hence, a bad trip.

SHAFAA offers psychedelics coaching sessions (15 and 30 min). The session is facilitated in a text chat format and you can add them to your cart at the time of your purchase. The session is offered by our in-house seasoned psychedelics coach and healer.


Our dried shrooms products are delivered in sealed premium packages, securing your mushrooms against degradation (light and oxygen).

1 review for Dady Long Legs Magic Mushrooms

  1. Gina Wagner

    Dady Long Legs!! I had to try them and it beats Equador mushrooms which was my regular.

    • Magic Mushrooms Help

      All of them are great strains but your choice.

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