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As you already know, some mushrooms are edible, some mushrooms are medicinal, and others might just kill you.

Of all edible mushrooms, some are great for tossing into a stir fry or side dish.

Shiitake, portobello, white button mushrooms, porcinis, and plenty of other varieties taste great so it’s easy to incorporate them into your meals.

Other mushrooms, however, have higher quantities of phytonutrients and antioxidants- but their flavor isn’t so appealing.

Reishi, turkey tail, chaga, and many others are known as functional or medicinal mushrooms due to their elevated levels of beta glucans and other important nutrients.

Instead of fresh, you can buy extracted versions of these medicinal mushrooms that are conveniently stuffed into capsules.

You could also buy fresh or dried mushroom powders and make the capsules yourself!

These mushrooms contain no psilocybin, so you won’t experience any hallucinogenic effects: just good health and immune-supporting potential.

With medicinal mushroom capsules, you can easily add beta glucans, potassium, B vitamins, and important antioxidants to your supplement routine.

2 reviews for Shrooms Capsules

  1. Marcus Lawrence

    I was recommended by Magic Mushrooms help to microdose with shrooms capsules,I take 2 capsules morning, 2 in the day and 2 before I go to bed,capsules are the best way to microdose for me. I like your product.

    • Magic Mushrooms Help

      Thanks for this brief and meaningful review, cheers to our team Magic Mushrooms Help.

  2. George

    Potent capsules 💊, I bought the quantity to take for 2 months and this is my second week taking it,I now have a good mood and feel relief. George from UK.

    • Magic Mushrooms Help

      Thank you George and Stay Safe.💊💯.

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